4 Ways To Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out In 2021

Catching attention for your listings comes at a premium in today’s competitive real estate market. Whether your 2021 goal is to attract new listings, increase your selling price, or minimize the time your listing sits on the market, check out these four ways to make your listing stand apart from the rest. 


1. Twilight Editing

What is it? Twilight Editing trades the blue skies in your daytime photo for the colorful skies of evening. With the porchlight on and the windows lit, your listing looks even more inviting at night.

Why is it important? The lavenders, pinks, blues, and oranges of a twilight sky visually set your listing apart. With vivid skies, your twilight image will attract buyers’ attention to your listing. 

How can I use it? Upload your twilight photo to the MLS, your website, & social media to catch buyers’ eyes and stand out from the competition.


2. Virtual Staging

What is it? With Virtual Staging, we digitally stage your listing for you! You choose the photos; we transform empty rooms into family living spaces, cozy bedrooms, and inviting kitchens.

Why is it important? Staging is critical to a listing’s success. When buyers can see themselves relaxing on the couch, gathering in the kitchen, and lounging in the bedroom, your listing instantly appeals to buyers more than an empty house does. With a one to two business day turnaround, virtual staging is a quick, cost-effective way to show buyers your listing’s possibilities before they even set foot in the home! 

How can I use it? Upload your virtually staged photos to the MLS, your website, and social media. Placing the staged photos next to the originals will demonstrate the home’s potential and get buyers thinking about your listing as their future home. 


3. Trendy Video

What is it? Made for social media, the Trendy is a one-minute variation of your walkthrough video to the tempo of upbeat music. Your contact information and branding appears at the end of the video.

Why is it important? In 2019, the average global viewer spent six hours and 48 minutes per week watching videos, a 59% increase since 2016. With an energetic feel, the Trendy generates interest in your listing by giving buyers an overview of the home. A quick shot of each room leaves buyers wanting to know more. Your branding at the end connects buyers to you and your listing.

How can I use it? The Trendy’s length, attention-grabbing movement, and upbeat music makes it perfect for social media! Upload your Trendy to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube for maximum buyer engagement.

4. Virtual Renovation

What is it? Virtual Renovation revamps your photos by digitally renovating your unfinished spaces. Starting at $65 per photo, virtual renovation includes flooring, trim, finished walls, and staged decor- everything you need to show off the home’s potential.

Why is it important? Most buyers see an unfinished basement as wasted space instead of as a blank canvas to customize and put to use. Virtual Renovation gives buyers a glimpse of the space’s potential and helps them visualize how they can make it their own.

How can I use it? Upload your virtually renovated photos to the MLS, your website, and social media. Buyers can compare photos of the empty space to its renovation and imagine the listing’s possibilities.