Your friendly smile and engaging personality are crucial aspects of your brand. While clients may fall in love with a listing after seeing your photos and walkthrough video tour, these products tell them nothing about you. To solve this problem, we created the Sizzle Video, now rebranded as the Agent Home Highlight Ad (AH HA), and offer it as the Big AH HA and the AH HA Lite. Never heard of the Sizzle or AH HA, and want to know why you should shoot one for your next listing? This article compares the Big AH HA and AH HA Lite and explains why these products are invaluable for your marketing strategy.

Have you ever watched your video tour and loved everything about it… except that you can’t tell your viewers about the home yourself? Your newest listing is stellar, and you wish you could describe to your clients everything they’d love about it; but to do that, they’d have to come to a showing. The Big AH HA is your solution. 

What is the Big AH HA? The Big AH HA transforms your walkthrough tour into a brand-building production featuring you and your logo. When you hop on camera to introduce your listing, clients are drawn in by your smiling face and your enthusiasm about the home. Then, the video takes them inside and shows them around while you talk about the home and point out its best features, with titles popping up over the video to highlight the details. At the end of the tour, you come back on camera and invite them to contact you about the listing, and the video ends with your branding and contact information. No one knows your listing like you do, and presenting it through a Big AH HA gives you the chance to tell potential buyers all about it!

What does it involve? Our vidtographers go the extra mile to make sure your Big AH HA stands out from other agents’ marketing. Your vidtographer will use a tripod to ensure stable shooting and switch the camera’s lens from one they use for walkthrough tours to a lens that can zoom and blur the background, smoothing the picture and shining all the focus on the Realtor. The vidtographer will set up at least two lights to craft the perfect shot and will mic you with an inconspicuous mic to ensure the best presentation, both audibly and visibly. 

You’ll prepare for an AH HA shoot by composing a script of three to four talking points to highlight the home’s best features, such as its location, newly renovated rooms, and special amenities, like the pool or the master walk-in closet. The video plays over this audio, so you won’t be talking about the house onscreen. However, you will be on camera for the introduction and call to action, so you’ll want to practice your script before coming to your Big AH HA appointment. We allow fifteen minutes for setup and an hour overall for this appointment. 

This setup and prepwork may sound intensive. The finished Big AH HA is worth the time, but you might need an option that requires less time and planning beforehand. What if your listing is going live soon and you don’t have time to plan a script? Maybe your days are packed and an hour-long shoot would be too much to fit in. If you are looking for a quicker shoot with a lower price, consider the AH HA Lite. You’ll get the same captivating branded video without the extra time on your part.

What is the AH HA Lite? The AH HA Lite is a branded video with you introducing the home, a walkthrough tour edited to exciting music, and you giving the call to action at the end. 

What does it involve? The AH HA Lite requires significantly less prepwork than the Big AH HA. Your vidtographer will use the same lens to shoot the AH HA as he would for shooting a walkthrough tour, and his camera will stay mobile, meaning he can shoot your introduction and call to action in separate spots. He’ll use natural light instead of setting up lighting, and the clip-on mic we use has the same excellent sound capabilities as the smaller mic used in the Big AH HA. At the shoot, the vidtographer will mic you up, connect the mic to the camera, do a sound check, and film. Because there are no talking points over the house tour, you won’t need to compose any verbiage for the video. All you have to do is give an introduction with who you are, what brokerage you’re with, and where the house is. For the end, you’ll give the call to action and your contact information. Not only is this part easy to remember and can be done on the spot, but we also offer prewritten verbiage if you’d like an idea of what to say. Because of the quick setup and easy process, this video takes a significantly shorter amount of time to shoot than the Big AH HA does; we allow thirty minutes for an AH HA Lite shoot. 

What’s the difference? Both videos feature you at the beginning introducing yourself and the house and end on a call to action for viewers to come see it. A Big AH HA requires more time and setup, but gives you a smooth background, close frame, and beautiful lighting. The AH HA Lite gives you a mobile capacity without the tripod and additional setup. With the Big AH HA, you get to tell viewers all about your listing, and titles over the video highlight your points. The AH HA Lite gives you the same beautiful video without the work of coming up with a script. Whichever you choose, you’ll receive a great video of the home that features you at the beginning and end, your logo and branding over the entire length of the video, and your photo and contact information at the end.

So which do you choose? The AH HA is perfect for a Realtor who wants to introduce themselves and the home to potential clients. The AH HA Lite is perfect for a Realtor who has less time to prepare but still wants to get their branding and smiling face out there. 

Beth McClay, an agent in North Carolina, decided to shoot a Big AH HA for one of her listings, and she was glad she did. She chose the Big AH HA because “the house was a unique French provincial with a beautiful lot and beautiful interior, and I wanted to make the most of it and bring the details to life [by narrating the home’s features].” Not only were her clients thrilled when they saw the quality of the video, but they were probably excited as well when she had ten showings within the first few days the listing was live and an offer on the first day. The offer came from buyers in California, and “they said they felt like they knew me because they had watched the video so many times!” Beth’s sellers “definitely think the video helped sell [the listing],” especially with the price they received and in the amount of time they received an offer, not to mention how they had interest from out of state, including from Colorado and New York, and a buyer from California. Beth loved how she got to narrate her Big AH HA; she felt it made the video more personal and made it stand out from other videos. She feels that the value of “putting my personal stamp on it is immeasurable and much more impactful” than a regular video tour. Her vidtographer, Kourtney, was “very professional and put me at ease” and focused on capturing what she asked for in the drone and video shots. When I asked Beth what she would tell agents who aren’t sure whether they should use a Big AH HA, she joked, “Don’t do it, because I’ll lose my edge!” She added seriously that she wants to use a Big AH HA for all her listings, and it’s “becoming a staple in my marketing presentation.”  Beth said now, she’s sending that Big AH HA to a potential client who is selling their home as For Sale By Owner because she wants to show them how much she can help them in marketing and selling their home.  

Both the Big AH HA and the AH HA Lite serve a double purpose- they show buyers around your listing and help them get to know you as well. Whether you choose the narration in a Big AH HA or the efficiency of an AH HA Lite, you can’t go wrong! Securing clients does not solely require good listings; your smile and personality also play a vital role in whether they hire you to find their new home. Clients are attracted to an agent who is friendly, excited about helping their clients, and enthusiastic about their listings. Whether you shoot a Big AH HA or an AH HA Lite, both give you the chance to show off your listing and demonstrate to clients that you are the agent for them. Using an AH HA video for your next listing will make your clients say, “Ah ha!”