More than half of the American population has too much clutter. With all the time people spend inside during the winter, it’s no wonder their possessions accumulate. Yet when the weather warms up, people become busy and feel they have no time to organize their home. The clutter stays, contributing to the frustrating cycle of disorganization. But spring is the perfect time to break that cycle! Check out these five tips to start your organization journey today.

Take it step by step. Staring down a messy house fuels the overwhelming feeling of “Where do I start?” Instead of aiming to organize your entire house in one Saturday, choose one room to conquer. Set an achievable goal with parameters including which room you will organize and how much time you will dedicate to organizing. Accomplish your goal, celebrate your win, and form a routine to maintain the order you created. Repeat!

Routine is key. Once you have begun to organize your home, establish a habit to maintain your progress. Determine to spend five minutes decluttering one room each day, or set a goal of how many items you will put away each day. Evening is a great chance to practice this and get rid of any clutter that built up during the day. Keeping a habit of organization is essential- while you may not get to organize an entire room each day, you are consistently maintaining order. When you do have your big decluttering day, you’ll be in a habit of upkeep. 

Get your family on board. They live there, too! Make it fun for kids- each day, set a timer for five minutes and race to see who can pick up the most items, or see who can put away ten items first. Compete to see who can keep their room the most orderly. After a big organization day with your kids, spouse, or roommate, celebrate with a meal out. The same goes if you live alone- challenge a friend to build a habit of organization alongside you and celebrate your wins together. A goal is accomplished best when the whole team is involved.

Now, for the actual organizing. You hear it all the time, but get rid of what you don’t need. Simply reducing the amount of stuff in your house is a great start toward an organized home. If you have more than one of an item, sell it or give it away. Are there clothes you don’t wear or books you won’t read again? Evaluate what you have too much of and sell or give it away to a thrift store or charity. 

Use simple hacks. For what you want to keep, the internet is full of organization ideas. Try using a shoe organizer for your bathroom, pantry, or, of course, shoes. Tag cords using tape or bread tags. Use magazine files, metal organizers, and drawer separators to sort the smaller items you need but don’t have a place for.

Organization is a challenge, but the satisfaction that accompanies it is rewarding. Clutter causes more stress than most people realize, so getting organized can remove an unknown point of stress in your life. Set achievable goals, create a routine, and get your team on board to eliminate clutter in your home. Give away what you don’t need and take advantage of simple solutions to organize your home.

How has clutter affected your life? Have you tried one of these ideas? Let us know in the comments!