Is Your Home Ready for Spring?

The birds are singing, the sun is out- after an icy winter, spring has arrived! Is your home prepared for the weather to change? Here’s the scoop on making sure your home is ready for spring.

Get your roof inspected. How often do you hop up on your roof? Likely not often, so you probably wouldn’t know if something needs fixed. Use the warm weather as an opportunity to check your roof for leaks, weak spots, and missing shingles. If you’re not sure what to look for, ask a local roofing company to come check it out. A roof inspection can ensure you catch anything that may need repaired before it’s too late.

Have your air conditioner serviced. When May comes to a close, the summer heat looks like it’s sticking around for good. Imagine the surprise of finding your air conditioner doesn’t work! Having your air conditioner serviced before the weather warms up can help you avoid this misfortune. Not only will this reduce the risk of failure during the summer, but it will also help your system run more efficiently, saving energy and cooling your house better.

Update your landscaping. The snow is gone and people can finally see your grass! Give your lawn a trim, clean the weeds out from your flower beds, and plant new foliage to rejuvenate your yard. Fresh landscaping ramps up curb appeal and shows you’re ready for spring!

Give your exterior a wash. Pressure wash your deck, siding, pavement, and outdoor furniture to finish off the spring look. The difference is unbelievable! 

Don’t forget spring cleaning! After spending so much time inside this winter, open the windows and let the crisp air in while you clean out the clutter and grime from all your time inside. Wash the windows (and check the seals while you’re at it!), clean carpets and furniture, dust unused surfaces, and mop floors to make sure your house shines in the sunlight. 

Stay ahead of the weather by making sure your home is ready for spring! Have your roof inspected and air conditioner serviced. Update your landscaping, wash the dirt off your exterior, and clean your home’s interior as well! With these five tips, you’ll be ready to enjoy the spring weather.

How are you getting ready for spring? Let us know in the comments!