When it comes to marketing your brand, we’ve found that getting your next listing usually boils down to:

                                                            Professional, Captivating Visuals =

                                                                                       a Listing Presentation that can’t be ignored =

                                                                                                                   an ideal Branding Opportunity to earn your NEXT Listing!


You Stand Out with Captivating Visuals

We know you’re always looking for ways to stand out, to remain relevant, to get the right attention for each listing – and especially for your brand as a realtor.  That’s where captivating, simply stunning visuals are key.  That’s all about taking advantage of lighting, framing, and compelling camera movement if we’re talking about video (and we are!).

Wow Video Tours started back in 2004 with the mission of making realtors’ lives easier by connecting buyers with sellers – without having to even visit the listing!  That’s when the Walkthrough Video Tour became one of our two core products (along with professional HDR Photography).

Now, about 18 years later (did I just write that!?), we’ve learned a thing or two about showcasing the next listing you win in this highly competitive market.  We like to think we’ve stayed the leader in the real estate listing-marketing business because we’re always looking to innovate and upgrade our proven products into even better products.

Innovation and better products are the direct result of always listening to our awesome realtor clients (you)!

 Your Wow Vidtographer

When you order a walkthrough video, HDR photos, a drone or Matterport 3D content marketing product, you know that a Wow Vidtographer arrives onsite with cutting edge camera technology in-hand, to showcase what makes your listing stand out.

“Vidtographer” is a phrase coined by our team here at Wow, simply the synthesis of “videographer” and “photographer”.  Each Wow Vidtographer has passed our vetting and training process, arriving onsite to execute a professional skill level that shows up in every frame of the end-product you post for each listing.

We know you know that captivating visuals stand out and attract eyeballs – as they reveal the key selling points that make each of your listings unique.  We’re talking visuals that set a high standard for not only your listing, but your brand – in a very competitive marketplace…and that’s what our Vidtographers love to shoot!

News to Excite You in 2022!

So we have some exciting news for you today:

New for 2022, the team here at Wow has been hard at work, and we’ve revamped our Walkthrough Video Tour.  You have asked for a shorter video, and that’s what we will be giving you; but we also think it’s a better video.

We created a shorter, quicker, more upbeat, cinematic-style video that keeps to the fundamentals of our tried-and-true Walkthrough Video Tour (our core product that has helped sell a lot of homes), while this upgraded content product definitely adds a new standard of dynamic visual flair to your listing showcase!

The WOW Cinematic Walkthrough stirs emotion with captivating visuals, updated titles and music that sets an upbeat tone (see an example for yourself in the February 2022 #WowFactor Newsletter Featured Video).

Expect Dynamic Details

So what key features can you expect?

Well, prospective buyers will still have an idea of the floor plan of the home. We like to say after any Wow video walkthrough tour, a viewer could draw the floor plan on a piece of paper!

During the creation of the Cinematic Walkthrough Video, we took a long look at our legacy product – the Walkthrough Video – and made sure to keep what’s been proven to work.  Overwhelmingly, we heard from you and your clients how much you love that the video walked them through the house so that, at the end of the video, they had a real understanding of the listing’s layout.

So don’t worry, that’s not going away.  Viewers will most definitely still come away with a good feel for the floor plan in this Cinematic shortened format. Prospective buyers will still easily imagine their family in the home, making it their own.

Then here are the new features you can expect, that we’re really excited about:

First, those walking shots that literally take the viewer through the house, gliding from room to room, will now be speed-ramped.  You still see all the details; you still connect your way through the house – but style meets speed as the music pulls you, with the effect of flying from room to room!

Secondly, you’re going to notice a whole different shooting style that we call Signature Shots. What those highly cinematic shots do is pinpoint the details that make your home stand out.

An arc in the kitchen featuring the beautiful chandelier.

A reveal shot that brings to life an epic family room.

A slider in the kitchen – what we like to call “The Island Slider” (and no, that’s not your favorite tropical drink – it’s a cinematic showcase of the details that make your kitchen look great!

A push from the master bedroom into the bath, where every amenity is featured in detail.

In fact, we like the push SO much, that you’ll start to notice our Push is the New Pan branding and Wow clothing (more on that in a blog to follow)!

Expect An Even Better Listing-Marketing Tool!

So we kept what was great with the old video – then updated, revamped and inserted more energy into the new Cinematic Walkthrough Video tour.

All in all, what is it?  Better shots, better titles, better music – and less time!

.Check out the examples and see for yourself.  We look forward to a cinematic 2022!


Todd Kivimaki, founder of WOW Video Tours.