What’s your realtor tagline? Do you have one? A tagline is vital to building your brand and engaging your clients. In this article, you’ll learn what a tagline is, why it’s important, and by the end, you’ll have a toolbox full of tips for refreshing your current tagline or creating a catchy new one.  

What Is A Tagline?

The Balance defines a tagline as “a short, memorable phrase used…to convey the value of a brand” and says the goal of a tagline is to remind clients who you are and what you do, leaving a favorable impression. A good tagline helps build your brand by setting you apart from competition and giving clients a way to identify you.

How Do I Create A Tagline?

To create a tagline, consider what you want your clients to remember. Who are you? What is the most important part of what you do? What makes you unique? An effective tagline evokes emotion- what feeling do you want your clients to experience when they use you? What results do you promise them? Our tagline is #winwithWOW- we want clients to know that our marketing products set them up to win.

How Do I Make My Tagline Memorable?

Start by playing with words. Rhyming and alliteration are fantastic ways to help clients remember you. Scott and Jill Ferguson, the “Spouses Who Sell Houses,” employ rhyming in their snappy tagline. Can you incorporate humor, a pun, or put your own twist on a popular catchphrase? Your values is another good place to start; Raptis Team Real Estate uses #LoveWhereYouLive to show their focus is helping clients find a location they love. Others, like Sandy Kivimaki and her tagline of “Your Lima Realtor”, highlight the area in which they do business. If you’re out of ideas, try a generator!


Simplicity and clarity are essential for your tagline to be memorable. If your tagline is too complicated to remember, the purpose is defeated; if your tagline does not clearly express who you are and what you do, the client may remember your tagline but forget why they should remember you. 

Inventing a tagline isn’t easy, but the payoff is worth it. A good tagline tells your clients who you are and what you do, reminding them to call you when they need a realtor. Get creative, have fun, and build your brand by creating an unforgettable tagline.

What’s your tagline? Let us know in the comments!